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Southwest Michigan's Pool Closing Service Center

Kalamazoo Pool Closing Service We winterize all types of pools! So if you want someone to close your pool give us a call at 269-345-4634, complete the form to the right or come in to our Kalamazoo location. We will help you get your pool ready for winter in no time flat!

Every service technician is experienced and fully trained. That means no rookies, just experienced pros! All pool techs have under gone intensive instruction at our facility, followed by continual on-the-job training in field. Every pool service vehicle is fully stocked with parts which saves you money by minimizing repeat visits.

Closing Pool Service

Closing an Above Ground Pool
  • Professionally Trained Techs
  • We Can Properly Close Any Pool
  • Fully Stocked Field Vehicles
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Free Phone Consultation
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Pool Closing Steps

Pool Closing Information

  1. Remove ladder, dive board, light and other accessories.
  2. Balance pH, water hardness, and chemical levels.
  3. Drain pool below intake skimmers and return valves.
  4. Clean and vacuum pool.
  5. Turn off heater.
  6. Blow lines out and drain water from skimmer.
  7. Plug lines and add pool anti-freeze to them.
  8. Add anti-freeze to skimmer and place gizzmo in it.
  9. Drain filter and pool pump.
    • D.E. Filter - clean and inspect.
    • Sand Filter - Drain for 1 week and then replug from bottom and add anti-freeze.
  10. Add pump protect to pump and replace drain plug (optional but recommended)


  1. Add Winterizing Kit according to directions.
    Add 1 lb. Granular chlorine per 10,000 gal of water. 1 lb. H2O Oxidizer per 100,000 gal of water. Swish above chemicals with wall brush.
  2. Place pool cover on and water tubes or straps.
  3. Add a small amount of water on cover to keep it from blowing in high winds (not required if straps are used).
  4. Three days later add 1 qt. Algaecide and 1 qt Suspend-All.

Does this sound like a project you would rather not deal with? Then let our pros get the job done for you! We offer affordable prices that can't be beat!!! Give us a call today at 269-345-4634 or complete the form above.