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Vita Spas We should be your first choice if you're looking to own a new hot tub or spa. With so many different brands and options you may be overwhelmed but we can help. We have the experience and would love to share our knowledge with you.

Water can heal. Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, swirling all around you, massaging aching muscles, relieving pressure on joint, increasing circulation. Healing naturally. Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Relaxing. Something athletes have know for years.

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Vita Spa Models

700 Series

300 Series

Swim Spas
xStream Swim Spa
Pro-Swim Spa
Dou-Pro-Swim Spa

Sport Series
Le Cirque: Round Hot Tub
Duet: Elliptical Hot Tub

Information About Vita Spas
Massage Abilities
Jet Types
Quality of Spa Water
Spa Construction
Spa Features
Spa Options

xStream Swim Spa

xStream Swim Spa
Spa Overview
Size L x W x H: 16' 6" x 7' 6" x 54"
Gallons: 1,950
Horsepower / Voltage: 12 Water / 220 V
In-Line Heating System x4 “V” Stream Swim Jets 24 Hr Circulation Pump
Electronic Controls LED Mood Light - 1 Entrance Steps
Filtration - 100 s.f. Stainless Steel Grab Bar Exercise Seat
Center Reference Tile Largest and Deepest Swim
Spa Area in the Industry
Horizontal and Vertical
Safety Suction Back Tether Anchor Front Tether Anchor
Super Swim Swimming Owner Personalized Tile Turbo - 2
Freeze Protection Thermo Cover (2) High Quality Insulation
Excel-X™ Low
Maintenance Cabinet
Galvanized, Rust Protected,
Steel Structure
Permashield™ Plastic Bottom
Cover Lifting System (2) (Opt.) Exercise Bands or Cords
Center Reference Tile (Opt.)
Stainless Steel Anchors
for Exercise Bands (Opt.)
Stainless Steel Exercise Bars (Opt.) Surround Stereo System
Entrance Steps (Opt.)
Chromatherapy–LED lights (Opt.)
SaniZone Ozonator (Opt.) Badu Jets :Total 400
Gallons Per Minute (Opt.)
Speck 4HP Series Pump (Opt.)
Spa Color Options
Interior Color Option One : Sierra
Interior Color Option Two : Caribbean Blue
Cabinet Color: Teak

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Hot Tub Services
Having an issue with our hot tub or spa? No worries! Let us take care of it for you. We service all makes and models!

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Hot Tub Chemical Sales
If you own a hot tub or spa and get your chemicals somewhere else you're paying too much!

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Hot Tub Filter Sales
We have a huge selection of hot tub filters, pumps and all the other parts that help make your hot tub hum. So if it's time for a new filter or you need any other hot tub part, come see us for one stop shopping.

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Hot Tub Accessories Sales
We have a full selection of hot tub accessories to help make your soaking time that much better!

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More information about Vita Spas.

Hot Tub Massage Abilities

The best seats in the house, may not be in the house at all and with the finger massage seat, sports therapy massage seat, Swedish massage seat and many more. Every seat is designed with you in mind.

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Jet Types

Hot Tub Jets Imagine the water around you catering to your unspoken needs. Our jets are sophisticated, creative and adjustable to satisfy your own individual desires.

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Quality of Spa Water

Hot Tub Water Quality Vita Spa takes exquisite care of every element, be it design, engineering or technology, to create a spa that is exceptional on every level. BIO zone, Vita Spa's exclusive water filtration system maintains the water in your spa as clean and pure as a natural spring.

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Vita Spa Construction

About Hot Tubs This section contains information about your spa including the foundation, fiberlite, microban, perma Shield and Insulfoam and excel plus. These great aspects of Vita Spa's are worth noting and are more reasons to own a Vita Spa.

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Features That Vita Spa's Offer

Hot Tub Features WIth the advancement in spa technology it's imperative that you know the features of the spa your looking to purchase. These section will explain the features of a Vita Spa.

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Vita Spa Options

Hot Tub Options Vita tunes, Digi-Chromium Therapy, Trevi Fountain, DISC technology, VitAroma, Microban, Fiberlite and many more great features will make a Vita Spa your top choice!

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