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Vita Spas We should be your first choice if you're looking to own a new hot tub or spa. With so many different brands and options you may be overwhelmed but we can help. We have the experience and would love to share our knowledge with you.

Water can heal. Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, swirling all around you, massaging aching muscles, relieving pressure on joint, increasing circulation. Healing naturally. Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Relaxing. Something athletes have know for years.

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Vita Spa Models

700 Series

300 Series

Swim Spas
xStream Swim Spa
Pro-Swim Spa
Dou-Pro-Swim Spa

Sport Series
Le Cirque: Round Hot Tub
Duet: Elliptical Hot Tub

Information About Vita Spas
Massage Abilities
Jet Types
Quality of Spa Water
Spa Construction
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Spa Options

Spa Options

When you're soaking in a Vita Spa, everything seems a little richer, a little more calm. But it would be careless to concentrate merely on your body. Vita Spa's honor your other senses as well. Such as sound, sight and smell. They, too, are included in your Vita Spa experience. An experience that tends to your every need, that offers magnificent hours to bask in the unpparalleled world of Vita Spa luxury. All that is left for you is to relax.


Light Therapy Our exclusive high intensity digital light therapy system. You sit back and relax, the waters turn a peaceful blue or a verdant green. Glow white with healing or even red or purple. It's all part of your Vita Spa Experience, we call it Digi-Chromium Therapy.

The lights of the Aqua Brite™ system add a phosphoresce-like luminescence to the water, yet are unobtrusive, skimming the surface of the water in a rainbow of changing colors. Or if you prefer, the color of your choice, in a permanent glow.

Introducing our Fresh Water Mister™

Water Mister Our misters deliver fresh waer, instead of recycled or chemicallly treated spa water With Vita's exclusive Fresh Water Misters, you can prolong your hot tub therapy and relaxation time until you're ready to get out.

Ever stood near a waterfall? Remember the cool cloudy mist that glistened around the cascading water? Remember how the tiny water droplets seemed to magically rejuvenate your body and spirit? With Vita Spa's Fresh WaterMisting System, you can experience this same natural and refreshing feeling, while soaking in the therapeutic warmth of your hot tub. Strategically placed stainless seel misters will keep you cool as you drift back to that special place you remember. Listen carefully...you can hear the smile returning to your face.

Spa-Linc™ Vita Spa Exlcusive Technology: Control Your Hot Tub Online

Spa Linc Technology Our engineers at Vita Spa are constantly searching for ways to improve our products. The research and development team developed a consumer and service friendly concept that gives you a step up on the competition.

# Remote Control of your Spa via internet.
# Pop-Up reminders of chemistry and filter changes.
# Provides a visual link between the customer, dealer and the Vita Tech Center.

The greatest thing about Spa-Linc™ is the convenience. Imagine being at work and being able to turn on your hot tub, and coming home, knowing it's heated and waiting for you. Or it's cold out, yet you don't have to leave the warmth of your home to check the temperature. And how about controlling or diagnosing your spa at the touch of a button? It's now a reality with Vita Spa's Spa-Linc™ Technology. With this technology, you have the power to control key features programmed in the DISC control panel whenever or wherever you desire. No limitations, as long as you have a personal computer.

Additional Benefits Include:
# Instant View of component operation, timer and sensor data. Built in diagnostic tools.
# Ability to diagnose from dealer's computer (saves unnecessary service calls.
# Service tech can diagnose via onsite computer.

Vita Tunes™ Vita Spa's Exclusive Hot Tub Music System

Spa speaker Our thoughtful amenities and superior options provide a level of luxury and pleasure that transcend to every sense. Case in point, the auditory indulgence of our optional stereo system that, by no mere chance, is the only one of its kind in the industry. A gentle touch and our speakers pop up and rotate, allowing you to listen to your favorite music from all directions. (Available in our 700 series.) Both waterproof and corrosion resistant, these speakers boast a crisp, clear sound and an amplification system provides true music fidelity. With the receiver built into the spa’s electronic componentry, you can activate it from the main spa controller and your stereo will never be subject to tampering, nor will there be any replacements due to water damage, as with the systems of other spas. Available in our 300 series is our economical “surround sound system” with wall mounted speakers and subwoofer.

With the receiver built in to the spa's electronic componentry, the stereo will never be subject to tampering, nor will there be any costly replacements due to water damage, as with the stereo systems of other spas. The system also allows the addition of audio components such as MP3 player, home theater or a portable CD player.

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Hot Tub Massage Abilities

The best seats in the house, may not be in the house at all and with the finger massage seat, sports therapy massage seat, Swedish massage seat and many more. Every seat is designed with you in mind.

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Jet Types

Hot Tub Jets Imagine the water around you catering to your unspoken needs. Our jets are sophisticated, creative and adjustable to satisfy your own individual desires.

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Quality of Spa Water

Hot Tub Water Quality Vita Spa takes exquisite care of every element, be it design, engineering or technology, to create a spa that is exceptional on every level. BIO zone, Vita Spa's exclusive water filtration system maintains the water in your spa as clean and pure as a natural spring.

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Vita Spa Construction

About Hot Tubs This section contains information about your spa including the foundation, fiberlite, microban, perma Shield and Insulfoam and excel plus. These great aspects of Vita Spa's are worth noting and are more reasons to own a Vita Spa.

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Features That Vita Spa's Offer

Hot Tub Features WIth the advancement in spa technology it's imperative that you know the features of the spa your looking to purchase. These section will explain the features of a Vita Spa.

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