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Vita Spas We should be your first choice if you're looking to own a new hot tub or spa. With so many different brands and options you may be overwhelmed but we can help. We have the experience and would love to share our knowledge with you.

Water can heal. Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, swirling all around you, massaging aching muscles, relieving pressure on joint, increasing circulation. Healing naturally. Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Relaxing. Something athletes have know for years.

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Vita Spa Models

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Information About Vita Spas
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Spa Features

DISC Control System

DISC Spa Control System Once in your hot tub, you shouldn't have to lift a finger. Unless you want to have a sip of your favorite drink, of course. But everything else - like the water temperature or your mood setting therapy experience - can be programmed ahead of time. Our spas are equipped with a high-tech electronic control panel that displays digital graphics and icons, simple to understand and operate. Just set it, forget it, and you're ready to experience the sensation. Vita Spa's exclusive DISC (Digitally Interactive Self Correcting) control system corrects itself from interference or erroneous feedback. We call it auto re-boot. It does not stop here, DISC technology provides you with many key features to enhance the performance of your spa. Such as our reversible display feature which allows you, with a simple touch of a finger, to reverse the spa panel so that it reads from the inside and outside of the spa. With our DISC control, you can actually program the exact day and time of filtration and heat. And for those party nights, our control lockout feature ensures that your spa settings stay yours.

Free H.E.E.T.™ System

H.E.E.T.Vita Spa built to handle the cold. The last thing that should be on your mind while enjoying your hot tub is your electric bill. Good news! Thanks to our exclusive H.E.E.T.™ (High Efficiency Energy Transfer) system, Vita Spa is the world’s most economical spa to operate. It sounds complex, but it's really very simple.The H.E.E.T. Stick™ forces water through a maze of baffles that generate heat due to water friction, which is then transferred into your spa. This all happens while the circulation pump filters your spa. We refer to it as FREE heat.

For starters, Vita Spas save you money because they are, by far, the most economical hot tubs to operate. This claim is attributed partially to our patented H.E.E.T. ™ (High Efficiency Energy Transfer) system. It sounds complex, but it's really very simple. The H.E.E.T. coil is wrapped around the circulation pump whose job it is to continuously filter and deliver fresh water to your hot tub 24 hours a day. As it does this, the pump creates heat–FREE HEAT–which is then captured by the coil and released back into the water

Vita Spa's High Efficiency Energy Transfer (H.E.E.T™) system is a hot tub owners delight. Utilizing the principle of a heat transfer system, our engineers designed a unique water heating process. Using the same energy that filters your hot tub, we also heat your spa water.

VitAroma™ Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Imagine the refreshing bouquet of a flower garden. The spicy fragrance of fresh herbs. Or, the litling scent of expensive French perfume. Stimulating, satisfying, special moments to savor special times. To experience this feeling, simply insert your favorite VitAroma fragrance into the convenient receptacle and get ready to relax and enjoy a special treat.

Therapy offers the unique benefits of combining Aroma and Hydrotherapy. Simply defined, aromatherapy is the practice of using pure essential oils - the higly concentrated extracts of plants, herbs, and flowers - to improve one's feelings of well being through the acute sense of smell.

Your hot tub is equipped with a unique aromatherapy induction system. To activate VitAroma™, insert one of Vita Spa's exclusive aromatherapy scents and turn on the VitAroma™ induction system. The system is activated when the air blower buton is pressed. Our 700 series has an exclusive "above the water" aromatherapy system. This system dispenses aromatherapy through the small ports adjacent to the spa pillows and through the underwater air injection sytem. Experience the wonder and pleasure of aromatherapy. It will soothe your senses and invigorate your spirit.

To extend the lifespan of the VitAroma™ beads, it is recommended that they be removed from the spa and stored in the resealable packet after each use. VitAroma aromatherapy scents are available exclusively at Michigan Swim Pool.

Hot Tub Waterfalls

Spa Water Fall Most, if not all of us, would prefer to have less stress in our lives. Though it may not be possible to live completely stress-free in today's world. The Vita Spa Waterfall system beautifully blends the artistry of Mother Nature with the craftsmanship of today's technology.

Listen as the flowing waters take you away to a place of peace and tranquility. A conveniently located valve allows you control water flow from a rushing stream to a soft almost musical cascade of water.

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Hot Tub Massage Abilities

The best seats in the house, may not be in the house at all and with the finger massage seat, sports therapy massage seat, Swedish massage seat and many more. Every seat is designed with you in mind.

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Jet Types

Hot Tub Jets Imagine the water around you catering to your unspoken needs. Our jets are sophisticated, creative and adjustable to satisfy your own individual desires.

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Quality of Spa Water

Hot Tub Water Quality Vita Spa takes exquisite care of every element, be it design, engineering or technology, to create a spa that is exceptional on every level. BIO zone, Vita Spa's exclusive water filtration system maintains the water in your spa as clean and pure as a natural spring.

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Vita Spa Construction

About Hot Tubs This section contains information about your spa including the foundation, fiberlite, microban, perma Shield and Insulfoam and excel plus. These great aspects of Vita Spa's are worth noting and are more reasons to own a Vita Spa.

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Vita Spa Options

Hot Tub Options Vita tunes, Digi-Chromium Therapy, Trevi Fountain, DISC technology, VitAroma, Microban, Fiberlite and many more great features will make a Vita Spa your top choice!

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