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Vita Spas We should be your first choice if you're looking to own a new hot tub or spa. With so many different brands and options you may be overwhelmed but we can help. We have the experience and would love to share our knowledge with you.

Water can heal. Hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water, swirling all around you, massaging aching muscles, relieving pressure on joint, increasing circulation. Healing naturally. Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Relaxing. Something athletes have know for years.

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Vita Spa Models

700 Series

300 Series

Swim Spas
xStream Swim Spa
Pro-Swim Spa
Dou-Pro-Swim Spa

Sport Series
Le Cirque: Round Hot Tub
Duet: Elliptical Hot Tub

Information About Vita Spas
Massage Abilities
Jet Types
Quality of Spa Water
Spa Construction
Spa Features
Spa Options

Quality of Spa Water

Vita Spas take exquisite care of every element, be it design, engineering, or technology, to create a spa that is exceptional on every level. Point in case the quality of the water.

BIOzone, the true test in the quest for engineering perfections, is Vita Spa's exclusive water filtration system, maintaining the water in your spa as clean and pure as a natural spring. Our continuous, 100% filtration, means that your water is being continually filtered and purified, even during use. It leads a whole new meaning to the idea of pure luxury.

The Vita Spa Filtration System
Unlike other luxury spas which allow water to bypass the filter when the jets are working, all Vita Spas are equipped with a dual filtering system. One filter is dedicated solely to its powerful jet pump, filtering and returning huge quantities of water into the spa as rapidly as possible. The second filter, which works in conjunction with its 24 hour circulation pump, incorporates an AB-5 Anti-Bacterial element which actually filters debris and particles as small as two microns in size! The water is simultaneously sanitized by Sparklet Clear., our natural, mineral sanitizer with its active ingredients of zinc and silver.

Finally, using the science of ozone, the highly sophisticated VitaZone, ozone injection system, actually oxidizes and eradicates bacteria. A special mixing chamber and reservoir maximizes the ozone distribution allowing it to prolong its effectiveness while lingering in your spa for an extended period of time. The result is crystal clear water with minimal amount of maintenance. Your skin will lover you for it.

The journey of crystal clear water.
The journey begins at our remarkable AB-55 Pre-Filter (1) which captures debris as small as 2 microns in size. Housed within this element is our exclusive Sparkle Clear cartridge. From here, it continues to our 24 hr H.E.E.T. Circulation Pump (2) which aides in heating the spa's water. It then progresses to our Worry-Free Heater (3) for an additional heating, and finally to the VitaZone injector (4) where the water is mixed with ozone.

Your water has now been pre-filtered, sanitized, ozonated, and heated, assuring you of warm clear, pure water and silky smooth skin.

  1. Specialized AB-5 Pre-Filter with Sparklet Clear Cartridge
  2. 24 Hr H.E.E.T. Circulation Pump
  3. Worry-Free Heater
  4. VitaZone Injector and mixing valve
  5. VitaZone Ozonator
  6. Servicing Valve
  7. Primary and secondary Jet Pumps (certain models may include a third therapy pump)
Spa Water Quality Filer System

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Vita Spa Construction

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